Serengeti - Italian Sunglasses

How you view the world says everything. 
Which explains why Serengeti® has been committed to developing the world’s most advanced sunglass lens technology for over 45 years. Then again, innovation has always been inherent in our DNA. We believe that technically-enhanced vision helps you focus on what truly matters. With that, achieving perfect clarity is not the end game— but rather, the start.

Nylon / TR90 Sunglasses

Using only the highest-quality injected Nylon TR90 for superior durability, these fashionable frames have the added benefit of being exceptionally light, chemically resistant, and extremely flexible and comfortable. Nylon TR90 is featured within styles in the Sport and Nylon collections.

Titanium Sunglasses

Titanium is lightweight, strong, corrosion-resistant, and highly flexible. It’s ideal for use in thinly designed temples - as it expands the fit range of the sunglass. Titanium is featured in styles of the Metal and Nylon collections.

Acetate Sunglasses

Expertly produced and cured from all-natural cotton, our Cellulose Propionate Acetate is not only handcrafted to be lightweight but can be made into beautiful patterns and brilliant hues. Pliable when heated, it is ideal for custom fitting. Featured in the Acetate collection.