Blue Light Lens Technology

Blue UV rays penetrate deeper into our eyes than all other UV rays and can cause serious damage to the Retina.  Recent studies show that the average American spends over 9 hours a day on some type of electronic device whether it be a personal computer, cell phone, tablet, gaming, and/or television. 

Many people are upgrading to higher resolution glass screen phones and LED lights which give off more Blue UV rays than its predecessors.   See the many benefits that our patients benefit from when using their new Blue Light Lenses.


Better Sleep

Blue UV light triggers melatonin suppression in our brain keeping us awake. 

dry eyes.jpg

Dry Eyes & Better Vision

When we look at an electronic device we blink less often, this causes additional eye strain to the muscles of the eyes & can cause dry eyes. 

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Less Eye Fatigue & More Enjoyment

Reducing the amount of UV damage can reduce eye strain and improve your lifestyle.  Reduce eye fatigue and relax your eyes while working or using your electronic device.