Custom Lens Tinting


Customize your sun lenses with several lens colors, brightness, and gradients.


Solid Tints

Solid tints have a uniform color on the entire lens and can come in any color that you like. Each job is custom done and we can match most lens tints but recommend having both lenses tinting completed at the same time for a perfect match. Here are some example lens options.

Gradient Tints

Gradient Tinting start very dark at the top of the lenses and fade to clear at the bottom. There are 3 general levels for how dark you want the lenses. We can also flip the tinting process from clear at the top to dark at the bottom, but this is not as common. We can also fade into another color such as Blue into a green color. Multiple tint colors takes extra time and effort so please be patient with the process. Here are some gradient tint examples.

Level 1 - Lightest Tint

Level 2 - Medium Tint

Level 3 - Darkest Tint

Additional Options:

Non-glare is an essential part of all lenses, when applied correctly it will create optimal vision, health, and durability. If applied incorrectly your sunglasses may not look or work correctly. At Gazal Eyecare we carefully apply non-glare to the backside of our sun lenses using substrate matching to ensure quality & function. Our non-glare enhances vision, durability against scratches, reduces glare & mirroring coming from objects behind you,