Polarized Sun Lenses

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The Polarized Difference…

Tinting lenses looks great and blocks out the sunlight but the tinting itself does not improve vision. Some of the benefits of polarized sunglasses include;

  • Glare reduction by 99%! These lenses greatly improve vision and provide a more comfortable lifestyle.

  • Polarized lenses also provide 100% UV protection keeping your eyes as healthy as possible.

  • Enhanced color for richer contrast and improved vision.

  • Polarized lenses reduce eye fatigue.

Polarized lens colors are available in

  • Grey

  • Brown

  • Copper

  • Green

  • Yellow

  • Amber

  • Blue

  • Gradient colors are also available

15 in Pretty Jimmy Mirror0

Non-polarized Example

15 in Pretty Jimmy Mirror

Polarized Example