Contact Lenses & Contact Lens Exams at Gazal Eyecare

Contact Lens Exams & Evaluations (Fittings)

You may be wondering what is involved in a contact lens exam that is not in a glasses exam?   A contact lens exam includes a glasses exam plus several vital steps in order to finalize a contact lens prescription for you.  

  • Eye Health - The overall health of your eyes must be determined for your safety to see if you are able to wear contact lenses or renew your existing contact lens prescription. Many things can change not only with your eyes but with the design of the contact lenses that is important to maintain your health and safety.

  • Prescription - Each year your body, health, and eyes change. It is important to determine the what your best possible vision can be each year. If we can improve your vision and lifestyle then a prescription update will be recommended.

  • Eye Topography - During your eye exam the doctor will examine your cornea (where the contact lenses will rest) to see if there are any irregularities, medical issues, astigmatism, or other underlying issues that must be addressed before issuing a contact lens prescription.

Contact Lens Brands

At Gazal Eyecare we carry a wide range of contact lens brands so that you and the eye doctor will have ample amount of choices to offer you the best possible vision and comfort.  Explore the contact lens brands below to find out more information & feel free to contact us anytime with questions at 470-729-2020.  

Cooper Vision Contact Lenses

Ciba Vision Contact Lenses

Vistakon Contacts.png

Vistkon Contact Lenses

bausch & lomb.png

Baucsh & Lomb Contact Lenses

keratoconus contact lenses.gif

Keratoconus & SPeciality Contacts

SPFX Custom & Hand Painted Contacts