Custom Contact Lenses

RGP, Scleral, & Corneal Custom Contacts

For optimal vision and comfort we offer custom design lenses available in either hard or soft lens designs.  This lenses utilize the latest in lens technology to give you the best possible comfort and vision.  Each lens is custom fit based on a wide variety of parameters.  Custom lenses can be made for anyone but are especially great for patients who have either Kerataconus or a high astigmatism.

Your initial exam will last around 45 minutes as the eye doctor examines the eye fully to determine the possible possible solution.  At that point a set of custom lenses will be ordered for you.  Once the lenses are ready you will be notified to return for a 2nd visit to have lenses examined on your eyes.  This exam lasts around anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes depending on the findings.  If all parameters, comfort, and vision are good then your custom lens prescription will be finalized and you will be able to order your lenses.  If any small changes need to be made another set of lenses will be ordered for you at no additional cost and you will be examined a final time.   

All payments and fees are made during your initial visit and vary depending on the brand and type of lens used.  The Optometrist will choose the best possible lens available for you and your vision.  Monthly payments can be made for any of the custom lens designs with no interest or fees.   Many insurance companies also offer allowances towards both the exam and the materials.  We can assist you with any questions and getting you on our schedule for your contact lens examination.  



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