Contact Lens Exam & Fitting

What happens during a contact lens exam?


After the optometrist completes your routine eye exam and determines your glasses RX then the doctor is able to fully evaluate you for contact lenses.   It is important to first make sure the eyes are healthy enough to continue to wear contacts and to renew the prescription before any further steps can be taken. 

Because contact lens manufacturers change the design of contact lenses and because the health of your eyes also change each year it is important to have your eyes examined routinely on a yearly basis.  Even if no parameters change this health check is for your safety.  

During THE Contact Lens Exam

Once it is determined that your eyes are healthy enough to wear contact lenses the doctor will review your lifestyle.  The Optometrist will then review your glasses prescription, evaluate any astigmatism, or need for near vision correction to determine the best contact lens prescription.  Remember, the contact lens prescription and the glasses prescription can be different for many reasons.  You may have a need for bifocal glasses or have an astigmatism and this greatly affect the length of the exam and type of lens that is recommended for you. 

Based on your needs, RX, your lifestyle, and the latest contact lens designs a set of trial lenses will be given to you.  You may be asked to come back in for a follow up visit to make sure the contact lenses are working out.  The follow up visits payments are covered at your initial visit.   After the contact lens prescription is finalized you will be able to order your supply of contact lenses.  

After the Contact Lens Exam

Yearly supplies are always a great idea to help ensure that you save the most amount of money, fully utilize any insurance benefits, help ensure you do not run out of contacts, and for the health of your eyes.  

If you ever struggle with a contact lens trial please let us know asap so we can assist you right away.   Putting this off can greatly alter the amount of examination time needed to further assist you.  We are always here to help and glad to assist with any questions or concerns.  

If you have never worn contact lenses the eye doctor and optical staff will assist you with instructions for care, insertion, and removal.  Our highly trained staff enjoy teaching all of their patients the best possible way to easily insert contacts.  


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