5 Big Reasons Why Daily Contact Lenses are Better

5 Big Reasons Why Daily

Contact Lenses are Better



Many eye doctors are now strongly recommending Daily lens options over biweekly or monthly lenses.  There are tons of prescription options for daily contact lenses including single vision, toric lenses (patients with astigmatism), and even multifocal lenses.  The huge advances in contact lens technology allows your Optometrist to easily fit you with a daily lens option.  Here are 5 Huge reasons why daily contact lenses are a better option!  


Reason One – Daily Lenses are Less Maintenance


Daily contact lenses means that you no longer have to buy solution to store your lenses, cleaning products, and contact lens cases.  Just a regular box of contact lens solution can cost an additional $19.  The average person spends anywhere from $150 to $200 on accessories associated with contact lens care. As a daily contact lens wearer you are also less likely to overwear your contact lenses meaning less chances of dry eyes and irritation.  The healthier your eyes are the less you will need different types of eye drops which can get even more expensive and less time consuming trips to the convenient store. 

Reason Two – Daily Lenses are More Convenient

Now that you are wearing daily lenses you have the option of bringing a few extra pairs with you for the day or even on that much needed vacation.  Your lenses are conveniently stored away in their original packaging and you get to put on a brand new set of lenses each and every day.  Putting on a brand new lens each day is much better in comparison to wearing the same lenses over and over again each day as protein and other microorganisms build up on the lenses.  If your monthly or bi-weekly lenses go missing or are damaged you just lost at least 2 weeks worth of lenses!  If a daily lens is damaged, no big deal!  Just open up a new set and you are good to go.  It’s also much more easily to calculate how much time is needed before your need to stock back up on more lenses. 

Reason Three – Daily Lenses are Healthier for Your Eyes


Wearing a new lens everyday means that your eyes will be much happier.  Many patients run a tight and busy schedule and will forget from time to time to either clean their lenses, change them on time, sleep in their lenses, or even worse a combination of some or all of these. Wearing the same lens each day can increase the risk of dry eyes, and if your eyes are dry the lenses will not feel as great towards the end of the day because they are now all dried up!  A contact lens that drys up fast will not last the full two weeks or thirty days.  This means you will go through lenses faster and be forced to buy an extra box of lenses. Over wearing your contact lenses increases the likelihood of corneal abrasions, ulcers, irritation, red eyes, infections, and many other eye problems.  These issues can drive you right back to the eye doctor,  causing additional time, money, and headache.   Think about it, you wouldn’t wear the same gym clothes everyday for a month without changing outfits.  So, why would you put something that you wore all day every day back in your eyes for 30 days???


Reason Four – More Vision Options

Once you open up a monthly or biweekly contact lens then the timer starts!  You have 30 days to use that lens you just ripped open, and if you only wore the lens for 25 of those 30 days then that means 5 days are completely gone.  Contact lenses may not always be your number one choice.  Many progressive lens wearers do not want to wear their contacts when the vision is not that crisp for up close or for computer work.  Also, what if you want to wear your new blue light glasses for the computer or your new prescription sunglasses on the weekend, or just give your eyes a break and wear glasses all week?  When you compare this to a daily lens option you don’t have to worry about unused days.  Now, you can easily choose each day if you want to go into work with your stylish new glasses or just be glasses free and wear your brand new lenses.  2019 is all about having options, and it’s your time to choose the best option for your eyes. 

Now the reason you all have been waiting for…money…


Reason Five – Daily  Lenses can Save you Money!

As mentioned before, you no longer have to buy cleaning solution, storing solution, cases, minimize eye drop usage, and save money if a lens is lost or damaged.  On top of that buying daily lenses in bulk (a year supply) is the best way to go.  Each lens is typically around $1 a lens and companies such as Alcon or Cooper Vision are now offering rebates as high as $225 for the purchase of a year supply.  That’s about a third of the cost gone right off the bat!  If you use insurance you can easily use up your total allowance, typically around $130, on a year supply of contact lenses.  Even more added value is less trips to the eye doctor for infections, dry eyes, and other complications that arise from contact lens over wear.  The average cost out of pocket for patients who over wear contact lenses is around $100. 

Here is an easy cost comparison guide and on top of that payment options offered by Carecredit makes things even simpler.   Below we are comparing two very popular contact lenses, Acuvue Oasys (2 week wear) vs Dailies Total One (Premium Daily Lenses).  In the end the average cost of a biweekly lens is much more than a single daily lens, plus you now have all the added benefits mentioned above.   

Lens NameAcuvue OasysDaily Total One
Year Supply Cost$300$795
AVG Cost Solution/Supplies$175$0
Medical/Follow Up Visits$100$0
6 Monthly Payments$76$73
Avg Cost Per Lens$18.00 (@24 lenses)$0.61 (@720 Lenses)