Vision Exams and Routine Eye Care

What does an eye exam include at Gazal Eyecare?  

We pride ourselves in performing a thorough eye exam with every single patient.  Your time is taken seriously and we are here to make sure that we not only are able to update your eyeglasses prescription or contact lens prescription but to identify any underlying medical issues that you may not even realize exist. 

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During your eye exam you will first be able to enjoy a complimentary beverage while you complete all the necessary paperwork before your exam starts.  All paperwork is now electronic and can be completed online before you come in for your eye appointment.

The Optician and the Optometrist will both review your health and history to find the best possible solution and direction to take during your eye exam.

The optometrist will start your vision exam by obtaining a reading of your current prescription by analyzing an old pair of glasses and by taking a quick test of your eyes. Then the eye doctor corneal curvature which will aid in getting an exact fit and prescription for your contact lenses.  The pressure of your eyes will be taken to make sure there are no signs for eye illness such as glaucoma.  Your health and history will be reviewed to find the best possible solution and direction to take during your eye exam.  

The next portion of the vision exam will be to see what your possible prescription could be this year for glasses, and any changes from previous prescriptions will be reviewed with you at that time.   The best contact lens fit and type will be discussed based on your eyes and your lifestyle.  

After the new vision prescription is discussed the doctor will review the importance of dilation with you and begin the medical examination of the eyes.  The interior and exterior of your eyes will be examined for any anomalies.   Many eye conditions can be treated at our office, but for more serious eye conditions you may be refereed to our Ophthalmologist for additional care.