Are you HOT?

Fun ways to see how HOT you are right now!


How Hot are you?


Are those UV rays or is it Just Me?

Hello Atlanta!  Besides being just plain hot, many of us are trying to not just keep cool but look cool in the latest fashion shades.  But how hot are you really?  And are your sunglasses really giving you the protection that you need?  Find out how hot you actually are by finding out how close you are to the sun, what your UV index is in the city you are in, and how much UV exposure you are soaking in at this very moment! 


UV Rays or Me?

What is the Shadow Rule?

The environmental protection agency says you can use the shadow rule to help determine the amount of UV exposure you are getting during the day.  Simply look at your shadow and see who is taller, you or your shadow?  If your shadow is taller than you are then the amount of UV exposure is minimal.  However, if you are taller than your shadow then you are receiving higher amounts of UV rays.  Put those sunglasses on, sun screen,  get some water,  and seek shade! 

The Shadow Rule

Is your Atlanta Zip code the hottest right now? 

That's right, every zip code in Atlanta will have different levels of UV exposure.  It's important to know what you are walking into before you start your day so you can be prepared. Plus it's always fun to know just how hot you really are! 

Type in your Atlanta Zip Code to see what the UV index is in your area.  Compare your zipcode in Atlanta to see which is the hottest!  Or any city really...

Who is that in the mirror?

Atlanta is growing and so are the amount of buildings, paved roads, tall glass buildings, & beautiful store front windows for us to take a peak at our physical physique.  What does more asphalt have to do with how hot I am in the mirror?!?

I'm talking about the man in the mirror...

Well, I am glad you asked!  Black paved streets absorb a lot of heat and lighter colors reflect more.  The UV rays are not just coming from the sky above, they are bouncing off all kinds of surfaces including glass, concrete, and even soil!   If you are running down the belt line then you are likely to get not only some great sun rays from above but some intense reflections from below that the lighter paved concrete!  

The dark asphalt being a darker color reflects the least amount of UV rays, around 8%. That being said it also absorbs the most heat.   White paint reflects around 22%, while concrete is at 10%, and sand is at least 15% depending on how light it is.   Think the clouds are protecting you?  80% of the Sun's UV rays penetrate through the clouds, so bust out those stylish sunglasses before staring into the sun while poolside.  

How close are you to the sun?

Just below the beautiful Appalachian trail is the lovely city of Atlanta.  We all enjoy all the fun turns, twists, hills, and mountain scenery but it sure does feel hot! For every one thousand feet above sea level there are roughly 10% more UV rays.  But how much higher is the city of Atlanta compared to it's close neighbors and other cities such as New York or Las Vegas? 

How close am i to the sun?

Georgia Elevation Levels

1,050 feet – Atlanta

1043 feet – Stone Mountain

1180 feet - Roswell

899 feet- Peachtree City

381 feet – Macon Georgia

33 feet – New York City

676 feet – Chattanooga

2001 feet - Las Vegas

233 feet - Los Angeles


I look so HOT in my Car!

You couldn't be more right!  Driving down I-85 in your HOT new ride while the sun is burning up the left side of your face through that lightly tinted driver's side window.  Did you know that glass only filters out UVB rays?  That's right all those deeply penetrating UVA rays are still seeping right into the left side of your face while you are driving.  That's why most Americans have more freckles on the left side of their face.  Spot On! 

The Wrap Up

Simply said, it is HOT in Atlanta and sunglasses are just one way to keep yourself protected, cool, and looking HOT.  Do not forget to use sun screen, stay hydrated, and be informed.  Enjoy the sun responsibly.   UV damage will make you feel HOT but can increase wrinkles, lower your bodies defense to fight off infection, increase chances of cancer, and those sightly sun burns.  

If you like this article don't forget to share it and for fun, comment below with your current UV index and let the world know how HOT you are!  


Thank you James Moore for the amazing photography and Kelly Levens at Crossfit RX for modeling the sunglasses