Why everyone in Atlanta MUST get a yearly eye exam!

Why everyone in Atlanta MUST get a yearly eye exam!


Hello Atlanta!  I know you are super busy but this short article can help open your EYES to some very important information, and yes PUN INTENDED! 

We all have busy lives and time flies when working and raising a family.  The days pass by like seconds and it’s easy to forget about the small yet important things like a yearly eye exam for not only your loved ones but for numero uno as well. 

Atlanta is a hotspot for continuous eye damage throughout the year! And remember, your eye exam is not just to see if you need GLASSES or CONTACTS, the doctor should be taking time out to make sure that your eyes are healthy and there are no underlying problems.


Here are 3 IMPORTANT reasons why people living in Atlanta should have an eye examination every single year!


1)      We spend ALL DAY on electronic devices! 

 Did you know that electronic devices emit a blue UV rays that can cause serious damage to the eye?  No, you may not feel any pain or signs right away but that does not mean the damage is not being done.  

 As technology increases so does the damage to our eyes!


 In 2017 the average American spends about 2 hours a day on their smart phone!  That’s two hours of eye damage every single day!  Imagine staring directly at a light bulb for even two minutes!

Blue UV light goes deeper into the eye affecting the retina and increases risk of AMD (adult macular degeneration).


But what if I wear contacts??? 

You can still buy non-prescription lenses with the blue light blocker lenses built in and wear them with your contacts whenever you are ready to use your electronic device.  And good news!  Gazal Eyewear’s new Karma collection comes with blue light lenses already built in for NO extra cost! 


2)      Atlanta Sunlight exposure

Many of us like to spend a great deal of time outdoors in direct sunlight.  Whether it is an enjoyable brunch at your local restaurants patio, grilling with the family outdoors, outdoor activities, walking the dog, pool or beach time, driving, working outdoors, sports or sporting events, or just enjoying the sunlight while reading your favorite book it is all adding additional UV damage.  That’s right on top of the electronic blue UV damage you are getting additional damage from fun or daily activities. 

Hotlanta got its name for a reason, lots of sun and UV rays!  As beautiful as the sun is, it is also very damaging.  UV exposure can lead to macular degeneration which is the leading cause of blindness in the USA. 


3)      Atlanta has seasons

The four seasons in Atlanta can be a fun and beautiful thing but also cause harm to the eyes.  In the spring there is the wonderful yellow pollen, which gets everywhere including your eyes and contacts.   

In the summer we are in the highest UV producing time of the year and then to cool ourselves off we blast the AC with dry air.  Dry eyes is a very common condition in the USA affecting everyone at all ages.

In the beautiful fall leaves settle in and dust will enter every crevasse.  October is the driest month of the year in Georgia which means your vision will be affected greatly.  In the winter we have a combination of dryness and no leaves to protect us from the sun.