Why you need Beautiful Lindberg Eyeglasses more than a Rolex Watch

A beautiful stranger is passing by on the street. An instant of attention as their eyes briefly register your face. Then the moment has passed.

  Shown: 2261 col. K24/U9

Shown: 2261 col. K24/U9

In that brief time, did your Rolex make an impression? Or was it the ordinary bargain frames masking your face making an impression with this passerby? Technologically wristwatches are obsolete, yet we still pay thousands to appreciate the social status of sporting a Rolex or other luxury item.  So why would you set for anything less with your glasses? Embrace the impression given by the subtle enduring luxury that is unique to Lindberg eye wear.

High Grade Materials & Timeless Design

  Shown: Lindberg Precious 2240/946 · 18 ct. solid gold · buffalo horn · diamonds

Shown: Lindberg Precious 2240/946 · 18 ct. solid gold · buffalo horn · diamonds

Lindberg only utilizes premium materials for the creation of their eye wear; Japanese titanium, Italian zyl acetate, gold, platinum, and highest quality diamond.  Each one is a collaboration of master jewelers and opticians taking pride in the minutest design detail. There are no screws, welds, or rivets in these sleek opulent frames, which lends to both their longevity and immutable aesthetic. Wearing a Lindberg is wearing two high quality accessories at once; breathtaking jewelry and a stunning pair of spectacles through which to view a lifetime of perfect first impressions.  


The Precious collection is an heirloom line of Lindberg frames that takes these premier designs to another level of luxury. The Precious line is crafted with solid precious metals, brilliant cut VVS diamond, exotic and responsibly sourced ox horn, and rare mammoth tusk. These beautiful pieces have the sophistication of the Royal Danish house that wears them, with all their luxury being subtly displayed and delicately nuanced. The exquisite materials are paired with Lindberg’s lightweight but imperishable design, creating a luxurious family legacy for those who possess them.

  Shown:   2175 · white gold · pink diamonds

Shown: 2175 · white gold · pink diamonds


Daily Luxury

  Shown:   1814/407 col. H16/10

Shown: 1814/407 col. H16/10

There are also the various other lines created by Lindberg to consider for your daily eye wear needs. Lindberg titanium glasses weighs as little as 1.9 grams, is non reactive, hypoallergenic, and  provides incredible durability. These minimalist but fashionable spectacles seem to float on your face, providing the perfect frame for a first impression, whether at the grocery store or the Gala.