Ergonomic Eyewear - Japanese Titanium

Wicked Eyewear, The first True Ergonomically designed Glasses

After many years of design, Gazal has created the first true ergonomic eyewear collection.  In late 2014 the designs of her Wicked temples came into a realization by introducing 5 remarkable frame designs (see below).  Each frame utilizes a carefully designed temple that’s curvature fits comfortably to reduce tension and slipping.  The temples are crafted out of the best Japanese titanium in the world to further enhance the comfort and durability. 

1) CinderellE - The signature eyewear design

Each frame is unique in it’s own right, and has small details that distinguish it from any other eyewear piece.  The original, CinderellE, is the first and only design that has Gazal’s initials on the front (GT).  Each pair of sunglasses is engraved with the “Gazal O” signature that indicates that each lens is fully optimized for the best optics.  “O” for Optimized has a high grade polarized filter, proprietary lens material, and backside nonglare to create a fully enhanced viewing experience.  All frames and sunglasses are able to fit almost any prescription.  Gazal uses her years of experience as a licensed Optician to create the most functional pair of eyeglasses available. 

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2) GeekE - A classic shape in 3 colors


3) Frankenstein - Titanium glasses & double bridge


4) NormalE - Titanium glasses, thick front for high prescriptions.


5) LoveE - A fun new shape with 3 colors that pop.