How to Find the Best Eye Doctor in Roswell Georgia - Optometrist

How to Find the Best Eye Doctor in Roswell Georgia - Optometrist

Not all eye docs are created equal!  But do not worry, it only takes a few quick questions to figure out which doctors really stand out on top as the best in their home town.  Here are 3 quick things to look for when searching out a new eye doctor.  


3 Reasons Why you Should Find the Best Eye Doctor in Town!

1. Does your eye doctor understand Patient Care?  The word care is key here, the best eye doctors will spend their time with you making sure that all your questions and needs are met.  Maybe its not always what you want to hear, but having a complete eye exam sometimes means that some changes may need to be made.  Your yearly eye exam by your Optometrist includes not only double checking the current prescription but reviewing your health and lifestyle to see how your vision and life can be improved.  This does not mean your eye exam should take hours, the eye exam could be quick and simple or it may take a few extra moments to reach the best possible outcome. Your eye exam appointment is scheduled for you and with your eye health as a number one priority.   

2. How much do you really care about your eyes?  Because of our hectic and busy lifestyles it is easy to forget that our overall health, not just eye health, is important.  I mean, we only get 1 pair of eyes!  Many of us wait until there is a problem with our eyes before we seek help, unfortunately the damage is usually done by then.  Many serious vision problems arise without any symptoms or signs.  Just because we have perfect vision is not an excuse to put off our yearly eye test.  The best Optometrist not only take time to make sure that you have the best and most accurate prescription possible, but they also make sure that your eye health is in tip top shape!  When your eye doctor offers a better solution for your eyes, or extended vision testing,  a referral to a vision specialist, or a prescription for eye drops then it is probably in our best interest to at least think about the recommendation.  I mean we are paying out Optometrist to give us all the best vision care possible right?

3. Does your eye doctor offer multiple and the best eye care solutions?   Many eye doctors now have optical glasses, contacts, sunglasses, and even reading glasses on site.  When we buy eyeglasses directly from our eye doctor we give the doctor the chance to provide vision service from top to bottom.   Many of us want to just get the best priced contact lenses, but which contact lens is the best for us? We must ask ourselves what is going to be the best contact lens or eyeglasses option for me this year?  Many eye doctors only offer what is the "Best" price or what is fully covered by insurance.  Just because something has a great deal or price tag on it does NOT mean this is what is best for our eyes.  Life is too short to wear ugly glasses!  Maybe what we want is not in our current budget but the best eye doctors will be paired with the top Opticians as well.  A good Optician that truly cares about you and your vision needs will find something that works great for you and your budget!  Do not be afraid to ask for help when being styled or payment options to get the vision care you want or need!