Can I use computer glasses over my contact lenses?

Wearing Contact Lenses While Working on a Computer

When it comes to wearing your contact lenses and working long days on an electronic device many patients are concerned about the health of their eyes and having the best possible vision.  The question is “Should I wear my contacts while working on the computer?” This question and many more will be answered in this short article to hopefully clarify all the good and bad that can come with contact lenses and computer usage.  We will also give some tips on how to get the most out of your glasses & contacts, keep your eyes healthy, & save you money on unused lenses.   


Can you wear computer glasses over contacts?

Contact Lenses on a Computer

Contact Lenses on a Computer

Many patients who prefer contact lens wear over glasses are now purchasing computer glasses without a prescription that are equipped with a blue light filter and/or anti-glare lenses.  Combining the anti-glare technology along with the blue light filter greatly reduces eye strain and the damage caused for prolonged exposure to bright lights, UV Ray's, and electronic screen usage.  Even though these types of glasses reduce eye strain it is still recommended to use your prescribed eyeglasses with anti-glare and blue light and your prescription instead of wearing contacts while on the computer.  


Blue UV Filter for Computer Glasses

Excessive computer usage leads to less blinking, which in turn causes your eyes to become less hydrated.  Contact lens use already reduces the amount of oxygen supply to the eye, combining this with less blinking can cause additional strain, headaches, eye irritation & pain, and additional eye issues such as dry eyes.  Patients with dry eyes may experience daily vision fluctuations and therefor will never be fully satisfied with the comfort and/or the vision from their contact lenses.  One day the contact lens prescription may look and appear perfect and then blurry the next day.  The fluctuation is vision is due to lower amount of fluid (from tears) that should be between the eyes and the cornea.  Natural tears work as a second lens which greatly improves the vision and feeling when wearing contact lenses.   Even though the patient’s preference is to wear contact lenses over glasses it is still recommended to have, at the least, a good balance between the glasses and contact lenses.  Wearing glasses some days and rotating contacts on other days allows your eyes to heal, stay hydrated, and promotes healthier eyes over time.  Wearing glasses allows your eyes time to breath and heal, and new lens designs for glasses have the best protection for prolonged computer usage.


If you are adamant about wearing your contacts and not your glasses, then please find the best possible lenses to keep your eyes as healthy as possible.  Ask your eye doctor which lenses would be best for your lifestyle, and what steps you can take to keep them healthy and hydrated.  Wearing a daily contact lens instead of a monthly or biweekly lens is much healthier for your eyes.  Putting a new lens in your eyes that has not been exposed to the environment or worn down all day for several days in a row keep the eyes feeling fresh and hydrated.  A fresh daily lens also has less protein buildup and will have better clarity than a lens that has been used for several weeks.  You also run less risk of infection by choosing to use a daily lens. 

Rewetting your eyes with drops also keeps them feeling fresh and gives you a break from starring at the screen.  Drops should also cause you to blink a few times mixing some natural tears into the mix.  There are several drops available and depending on your lifestyle and environment your eye doctor can recommend the best possible drops for you.  Follow the 20/20/20 rule when working on a computer. 

If your eyes feel dry, irritated, and/or the prescription just does not feel sharp then schedule a time to meet with your Optometrist.  The eye doctor can evaluate whether or not you have dry eyes and recommend several solutions that can get you back to a comfortable lifestyle.