Protect yourself from GES on Valentine’s Day!


An Outbreak of GES likely to occur this Valentine’s Day! 

Every year around February 14th there is a large breakout of GES and to this day the exact cause is currently inconclusive.  Close contact and intimate conversation has show to greatly increase the rate of GES.  It is more commonly found around individuals who are well spoken, fashionable, charismatic, and/or romantic.  But what is GES?  GES, or more commonly known as Googly Eye Syndrome, is a rare eye condition that greatly affects the eyes, can cause temporary blindness and in worse case scenarios can cause your brain to behave in strange ways.  Individuals who are considered to be more attractive seem to spread GES but may not necessarily have GES themselves.

GES can cause the pupils to dilate much wider than usual, and you may experience temporary blindness due to an influx of light entering the eyes.  GES adverse effects include own feet tripping, frequent/recurring dates, lighter wallets, marriage, and possibly children!  This condition is highly contagious and can even cause others around you become light headed or even worse jealous.  Heart aches, sweaty palms, blurred vision, and increased blood pressure are all early indicators of Googly eye syndrome.   But do not worry, there is something that you can do to help prevent GES. 

Wearing sunglasses on Valentine’s day helps prevent googly eye syndrome.  You can protect yourself with some new sunglasses for this upcoming Valentine’s day when your and your love ones run the risk of GES infection.  Here are some of the best choices in eyeglasses and sunglasses to help prevent googly eyes. But be warned, by enhancing your look and swagger you may inflict GES on those around you!  Red is the color of choice for the highest level of prevention during this day.

The Macken

Sunglasses created for Mr. Swagger himself, Christopher Macken by Gazal.


Jacques Marie Mage

Red Sunglasses by French Designer Jerome Mage


Get Classy with these red gradient sunglasses by Gazal Eyewear.


Lindberg Acetanium

Red, sleek, and comfy.