Reduce chances of Cataracts with BEER!

Is Beer good for your eyes?

Beer can be good for Cataracts

Beer can be good for Cataracts

Beer, especially dark beer and stouts, are rich in antioxidants.   According to research from the American Chemical Society and research from the University of Western Ontario found that these antioxidants can reduce the chances of Cataracts by as much as 50%.  Lowering the likelihood of developing cataracts is just one benefit of the rich antioxidant beers.  Kidney stones, heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular diseases can be reduced as well.  In no way is this article staying you should go on a drinking binge.  Obviously, everything in moderation counts and too much of a “good” thing can lead to other health issues.  

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness today, and can cost the government (through Medicare) as much as $4 Billion dollars in surgery, says Dr.Trevitchick from the University of Western Ontario.  Choosing the right foods and a beer every now and then could help prevent cataracts, reduce the costs of surgery, as well as provide many other health benefits to you & protecting your eye health.    

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