Are All Eyeglasses Made by the Same Company?

Are All Eyeglasses Made by the Same Company?

Unique Independent Eyewear Company - Jacques Marie Mage

Unique Independent Eyewear Company - Jacques Marie Mage

As an Optician I am routinely asked, “Are all glasses made by the same company?” For a while this seemed like a very true statement, “Are all glasses made by the same company?”

The reputations that most of the biggest brand name eyeglasses companies out there are all manufactured by Luxottica is no longer true. Actually, there are way more independent brands than brands held under the Luxottica umbrella.

In the past 5 years there have been numerous new emerging eyewear companies that are not only autonomous from large corporations but are doing an excellent job in their craftsmanship. in this article you will find abbreviated lists of big name brands and their respective manufacturer.

Which eyewear brands does Luxottica make?

Here are just a few, not all, of the brands that you may not realized are run by Luxotttica as of January 2019.


Oliver Peoples




Tiffany & Co



Dolce & Gabanna

Oh, they also own that insurance company that you are probably using . Eyemed.

What big brands are not made by Luxottica?

There are some other big players out there that run some big brands. Here are their names and the lines they make. I am not listing all the brands, just a few of the big ones so you can get the idea. Each company will list their most recent licenses and in house brands on their company portfolio website.

Marcolin: Tom Ford, Swarvoski, Zegna, Gant, Guess, DSquared, Kenneth Cole

Kering: Gucci, Cartier

Safilo: Dior, Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, Rag & Bone

What are Some Independent Eyewear Companies?

Independent brands are hard to find, but here is a list and a link to a ton of brands that are not made by the big guys. On this page you will find over 150 independent brands that all focus on luxury eyewear. As you can see there are plenty of other options out there and you are not stuck buying all your glasses from THAT same company.


Here is a list of just a few of the brands that are part of that group.

Lindberg Eyewear

Jacques Marie Mage

Barton Perriera


Gazal Eyewear

Anne Et Valentine



Chrome Hearts

J.F. Rey


L.A. Eyeworks




Tom Davies


Fred Lunettes