2020 Eyewear Trends

2020 Eyewear Trends


What are the hottest eyeglasses styles in 2020?

What shape is going to be the most popular in 2020?

Traditionally you may have been instructed to stick with a certain shape for your face when buying new eyeglasses.  Round, Aviator, Square, and Cat Eye shaped eyeglasses where only for you if your face fits into a certain category.  Each year as eyewear stylists gain more knowledge and experience in retail, fashion, optics, and professionally fitting eyewear customers are reaping in the rewards.  Eyewear stylist can get you fitted and seeing great out of more shapes that what you may have been once told.  In 2020 you will see more depth and facets edged into the details of each pair of glasses.  These frame details give your eyewear the added depth and fashionable look for 2020. 

Color Trends for Eyewear in the year 2020


What colors will be trend for eyewear in 2020?


Black & Tortoise Eyeglasses

Always safe but not trending for 2020.  In 2020 many may either opt out of this color all together, or add a color that pops as a second pair of glasses. 


Red & Purple Eyeglasses

Red and Purple eyeglasses have been popular year after year and many have rarely strayed from these hot color choices for their eyewear.  However, many eyewear lovers are now looking for additional colors to add to their warm frame board repertoire.   Eye popping colors that are not flat, or monochrome are gaining traction for 2020 eyewear styles.  These glasses colors are more vibrant, usually combine several other colors to create a marbling effect or are an update to the once popular crystal eyeglasses. 


Crystal Eyeglasses

Crystal Blue Eyeglasses

Crystal Blue Eyeglasses

Flat crystal colors are still popular, but with a fun twist for 2020 eyewear styles. Eyewear shoppers are looking for a little more oomph in their eye-catching crystal frames.  A splash of color is being added to those crystal glasses including browns, purples, reds, greys, greens, and more.  This splash of color in glasses for 2020 gives eyewear lovers a huge range in frame choices. 

What Eyewear Brands you should buy in 2020?

Eyewear Styes

Eyewear Styes

 What are the most popular and upcoming eyewear brands for 2020?

 Originally when shoppers were ready to update their eyeglasses they would storm to the mall and visit the most popular chain store.  They would get what everyone else was wearing but then quickly realized there was no uniqueness to their eyewear, and nothing that spoke to them on a personal level. 

 The next big phase was online shopping and a huge influx of shoppers felt that it would be best to style themselves into their next pair of glasses.  With no previous training on optics, frame fitting, adjustments, lenses, and sizing again people quickly realized that this was not the best option.  With information everywhere, shoppers are becoming more informed and wiser before buying their eyewear online.  

The current trend in eyewear shopping is to seek out unique and locally owned shop.  These eyewear shops will be staffed by independent and well-trained Opticians and Optometrists.  People are shopping based on quality more and not wasting their time money on generic or big eyewear brands anymore.  Eyewear designs have become a statement piece, an extension of your life, and it takes someone who knows the details to provide the best possible experience.  These stylists continually update their eyewear selections each year to bring the newest and most unique eyewear styles right to your door. Hence, the rise in independent brands and eye boutiques across the world. 


Happy eyewear shopping and if you are looking for the quick summary for 2020 eyewear trends here it is.  A new shape with depth, color that pops, and independent brands.  Thank you for reading and feel free to share or comment below.