2020 Eyewear Trends

What are the hottest trends in eyewear for 2020? Find the latest styles in eyeglasses for 2020. What color glasses should i buy? What shape of eyeglasses will work best for me? How to find the best eyewear styles.

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How Eyeglasses can Improve your Life, Health, & Finances!

How can eyeglasses improve your life, finances, and health? Wearing the correct type of glasses that compliments your profession and can improve your performance to create an enjoyable workday.  For instance, let’s say you work in the construction industry and are outdoors constantly.  Routinely, you grab the most basic pair of readers to read a quick document or see something up close.   Imagine if you had glasses that were so comfortable that you did not feel or notice them, allowing you to wear them all day and impossible to lose?  Let’s say these magical glasses also change into sunglasses while outdoors and back to regular glasses indoors?  To finish the fairy tale, these glasses are super durable and almost impossible to damage or break?  Oh, and even if you did scratch up your new lenses they are warrantied.  These glasses, made especially for you, will solve a number of life challenges and greatly improve your quality of life.  And they actually do exist.

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Spring Sunglasses Sale 2019

3 Ways to Save Big on Your Spring Sunglasses!

Check out all the amazing deals on Sunglasses and update your look for 2019! You can start 2019 off with the latest Sunglasses styles and put some of that cash back in your pocket! See the sales on sunglasses, prescription lenses, and contact lenses below.

The sales listed below cannot be used in combination with any other discounts or insurance plans. But you are allowed to purchase multiple pairs.

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