Optometrist - Eye Doctor 

Eye Exams, Contact Lens Exams, Pediatric Exams, Kerataconus Exams


Vision Services with Your New Eye Doctor!

Yearly eye examinations with a highly trained optometrist and optician.  Examination for eyeglasses and contact lenses are available.   We also offer services from an Ophthalmologist if you are interested please call us for more information.   For More Information click here

Routine Eye Exams

Blue Light Technology

Protect your eyes from serious Blue UV rays from electronic devices.  Brand new lens technology now allows you to enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle while spending long hours in front of your work pc, home computer, or favorite electronic device.  Learn More...

Contact Lens Evaluations & Fits

Yearly renewals on contact lens evaluations to make sure your eyes are still healthy to wear contacts.  Our eye doctor is always searching for latest technology that will give you the best possible vision and comfort.  New contact lens designs are released each year with a wide variety of replacement schedule options including daily, weekly, and monthly.  It is important to have your eye evaluated each year to see if contact lenses are still a good choice for you.  For more info click here

We can custom make any contact lens design.  Custom lenses are hand painted and can take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month to create.  Our lenses have been used in many major films and television shows.  Call us today to find out more information. 

Custom & SPFX Lens Technician and Fittings

We always recommend the best possibly lenses to our patients and provide quick and precise information so that you can make an informed decision before placing your order.  No associates are ever paid any commissions, so you have no pressure to buy. 

Advanced Lens Technology

Contacts are a great benefit to have in combination with a great pair of eyeglasses.  Our specialists have decades of experiences teaching patients quick yet advanced techniques to insert and remove contact lenses.  Not only have we had the opportunity to work with the wonderful community in the Atlanta area but we have had the pleasure to work with some of the largest celebrities in film and television. 


Our specialists are here to provide the best fitting eyewear designs that not only look good but function to your tailored lifestyle.  We use precise measurements for pupillary distance and ocular centering to provide the best vision possible. 


RGP EYE Exams & CONTACT Fittings

Looking for crisp clear vision and a lens that is designed just for you?  Rigid gas permeable contact lenses are a great way to improve vision to the fullest.  Whether you have been wearing these lenses for years or are new to the design we are here to assist you with the best custom lens design.  Click here to find out more